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5 tips for avoiding injury while shopping

Outside of Black Friday, most people would not consider shopping to be an extreme sport or a dangerous activity. Nobody expects that a quick trip to the store will end with a trip to the emergency room. Unfortunately, accidents can happen at every point of a shopping trip. You can suffer an injury in the parking lot or in the store. Follow these five tips for staying safe while shopping. 

#1: Be careful in parking lots

Parking lots that aren't clearly marked and properly maintained can be the site of serious accidents. Uneven pavement might lead to your tripping on a portion of asphalt that juts up. Not having a marked crosswalk can lead to your being struck by a vehicle while you are walking to the store.

#2: Watch for slippery floors and trip hazards

Slippery floors can be found anywhere throughout a store. Clear liquids that have spilled may not be easily visible to shoppers. Freshly mopped floors that aren't marked may also create hazards. Be conscious of potential hazards when you walk into the store. Inclement weather, such as rain or store can create slippery spots. Stores should put out mats, wet floor signs and possibly fans in an effort to keep people safe from harm and try to dry the area as much as possible. Spills through the store can also lead to slippery spots. Slippery floors may not be the only hazard you encounter. Trip hazards, such as cords stretch across the floor can lead to accidents.

#3: Merchandise can fall from top shelves

Many stores keep merchandise in spots above the normal display area of shelving units. This merchandise and even merchandise on upper display shelves can fall. This can cause head injuries. Ensuring that shelves aren't overloaded and that merchandise is safely stacked can prevent these types of accidents.

#4: Other shoppers can lead to injuries

When stores have good sales or popular merchandise, the stores might get crowded. Shoppers might be in a rush to grab a good deal. Stores should have proper procedures in place to prevent mad rushes to get merchandise. Having adequate security can also help here.

#5: Even shopping carts can be dangerous

Each year, around 24,000 children are injured in shopping cart mishaps. Falling from the shopping cart is the most common injury related to these carts. Other possible issues include the shopping cart tipping over or a child running into a cart. These accidents can lead to serious injuries. The most common injury seen in the emergency room because of these accidents is an injury to the head. Many shopping carts have warnings posted on them about proper use. However, some don't and accidents might still occur even when the parent and child are using the shopping cart properly.

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