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Common causes of car accidents and how you can avoid them

You did not get up this morning and decide, "Hey, I think I'll have a car wreck today!" If you had known you were going to be the victim of a negligent driver, you may have decided to simply stay in bed.

Unfortunately, you went about your daily routine, took your normal route to work, resisted the urge to stop at your favorite Kansas City coffee shop for a large cappuccino, when out of nowhere BAM! But, was it really out of nowhere? Could you have avoided the driver that decided to run the light and plow into the side of your car?

Missouri Is Not A Judicial Hellhole

This year, Missouri’s legislators have again focused on “tort reform” by passing legislation that further limits the monetary award a jury can provide to an injured person, essentially eliminates employee and whistleblower protections, and much more. In January, Governor Greitens maliciously called Missouri a “judicial hellhole.”

Spinal cord injury? Home modifications can be costly

On your way home from dropping your child off at school, a semitruck slams into your vehicle. You are alive, but you can't feel anything below your belly button. The paramedics rush to the scene and put you on a hard board and place a neck brace on you. Once you are at the hospital, you find out that you have a spinal cord injury.

The news you are facing is grim. You are paralyzed, but you are going to live. Now, you have to think about how your life will change because of the trucker's decision to pay attention to his phone instead of his driving.

5 tips for avoiding injury while shopping

Outside of Black Friday, most people would not consider shopping to be an extreme sport or a dangerous activity. Nobody expects that a quick trip to the store will end with a trip to the emergency room. Unfortunately, accidents can happen at every point of a shopping trip. You can suffer an injury in the parking lot or in the store. Follow these five tips for staying safe while shopping. 

8 things to remember after a car accident

One your way home after a day of running errands on your day off, you are struck by another vehicle. The things you do after that crash can impact your future.

It is imperative that you take a few seconds to compose yourself so that you can make sure you are doing the right thing. Here are eight things for you to think about if you are involved in a crash.

After a car wreck: Dealing with the insurance company

Imagine driving to the mall on the weekend. You have a full day of shopping ahead. Unfortunately, your plans changed because another vehicle made an illegal left turn in front of you. Now, your sedan is totaled, you have severe neck and back pain, and you may miss a substantial amount of work.

While dealing with your injuries can be traumatic enough, you also have to deal with the insurance company. Insurance companies are notoriously difficult when it comes to filing claims. One thing that will help you through the process is getting advice from an experienced personal injury attorney in the Kansas City area. Another thing that will help you is knowing the dos and dont's of car insurance claims.

Rear-ended on your way to work? Here's what you need to know

It is a common enough occurrence and it was bound to happen to you eventually. You were on your way to the office in rush hour traffic. You came to a stop behind a traffic jam. The car behind you did not. The impact from the vehicle that rear-ended you was hard enough to push you into the car ahead and caused your airbag to deploy.

Now you are dealing with a broken nose, a nasty case of whiplash, and a boss that is not very happy with the time you have to take off from work. On top of that, your brand new sedan looks very similar to an accordion.

Fido, Lassie and a driver's lap: Is it a distraction?

The phrase "distracted driving" is a bit of a buzz word lately. Generally, the term evokes images of teens playing Pokemon Go! or posting Instagram photos with their smartphones while driving.

According to lawmakers in some states, the term should also include pet owners who choose to drive with their pet in their laps.

What to do if you're trapped in your car after an accident

Stuck right in the middle of winter weather, drivers should be aware of worst-case scenarios. From putting together an emergency kit to keep in your car, to having a plan in place in case you are in a wreck on a snowy road, we encourage you to think ahead.

Many people rely on anecdotal evidence or common sense to get them through a serious accident. In these situations, though, it's nice to have tried-and-true tips from the people who make their living on the roads. These tips come directly from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

Avoiding Common Mistakes and Maximizing Your Car Accident Personal Injury Claim

It is important to take specific steps following any serious car accident to protect the value of your personal injury claim. Insurance claims adjusters will deny your personal injury claim for compensation unless you preserve evidence of liability and damages.

Arbitration Clauses

We live in an age where the right to fair compensation is under attack. More often than not, if you have been the victim of negligence, fraud, or breach of contract, your only hope of recovering damages is by selecting an excellent attorney. From the obstacles to filing a lawsuit to caps on the recoverable damages, the odds of success are simply stacked against individuals in favor of large corporations. One tool used by large corporations that is becoming all too common and that can eliminate your constitutional right to an impartial jury claim is an arbitration clause. Unfortunately, these clauses are often hidden underneath pages of fine print in the contract you are asked to sign.

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